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We Help Entrepreneurs Create Financial and Schedule Freedom through custom automated and streamlined systems to grow your revenue and save you hours of time. Because to us, that's what a Simply Happy Life is all about.

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I’ll show you how to streamline, automate, strategize and build smarter systems, so you can scale a profitable business without sacrificing your quality free time.


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Three paths to explore:

For the new entrepreneur or side hustler. Learn how to grow to $5k months and scale, simply.

Just Getting Started!

You have a profitable business, but you're over extended and short on time.

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You have a 6 or 7-figure business and a team, but need to fine tune your processes and automate.

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Grow Your Revenue, Not Your Workload.

With the right systems in place and leaning in to where you naturally thrive, you can create a more harmonious and profitable business, that allows you to live the lifestyle you want. This is not about the hustle mentality. It's learning to create and scale a sustainable business through smarter systems so you can focus on the things (and people) who matter most. When you learn to start leveraging your knowledge instead of your time you open yourself up to a world of new opportunities and freedom.

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Work Less & Accomplish More Blueprint

This PDF workbook offers a mix of simple to implement strategies and guided direction to help you layout the foundation for your business in a balanced way.


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In this free masterclass I break down several ways you can (and should!) be working smarter in your business. Let's ditch the overwhelm and strategies that leave you spread too thin and focus on one core method that gets you real results.


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1:1 Strategy Session

This is a deep dive 45 min Zoom call to tap into the biggest area of struggle in your business. Come away feeling laser focused and with a custom 90-day action plan outling smarter systems and a clear direction forward.


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Hi, I’m Brittany!

I started a fashion line fresh out of college on my well loved sewing machine. In my studio apartment that was above a garage I rented from my parents. I did everything I could think of to get my name out there with little to no money to fund it. Fast forward just one year and I was running a million dollar retail company. We grew to six stores spread out all across the States.

This is what I had dreamed of. Only thing was, it didn’t feel like I thought it would. I was working nonstop. Answering employee and customer emails into the wee hours of the morning and never took a weekend off. I was terrified if I stopped working the whole thing would come crashing down around me. But it wasn’t until I started a family that I realized this lifestyle wasn't for me.

I knew how to hustle and run a successful business, but now I wanted to have a life I enjoyed just as much as my work. I needed to. For my family and for my sanity. I restructured my entire business model and got it solely online. The entire back-end had to be reworked so it worked for me. Not the other way around.

Now, I have the freedom I craved. I choose when and where I work. And the days (or weeks!) I decide to take off just because- and my business keeps humming along smoothly.

I knew so many busy entrepreneurs could benefit from this and it would be utterly life changing like it has been for me. It’s all about working smarter, not harder to achieve your goals. In streamlining processes, automation, outsourcing and all things evergreen I make it as simple and efficient as possible so you can spend less time working in your business and more time living.

After all that’s what it’s all about, right? 

More About My Mission

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Lay the correct framework for a sustainable and scalable business. That starts with smarter systems. Grab your free copy of a better business blueprint.

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