Conquering The World (And Your Business) 90 Days at a Time!

Every 90 days we will dive into a new platform or test out a different strategy and share ALL the insights with you as we go. Tired of just seeing the perfectly curated end result? Yeah, I was too. That's why I am opening up behind the scenes for a real raw look of what it takes to build a business- 90 days at a time. Binge watch past episodes and enjoy new videos released every Tuesday.

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Sharing it All!

I don't hold back, walk with me every step of the way as I document every 90 days of navigating a new platform or business strategy. I share exactly what I did to score clients and powerful partnerships as well as provide tips, insights and honest raw feedback of ALL my experiences. This is not your normal curated content- this is real. This is raw. This is a behind the scenes of the messy middle of running a business.

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A Unique Insight and Behind The Scenes Look...

I divulge everything I tried, what worked, what didn't and most importantly every step in between. It's a 90 day deep dive into different platforms and business strategies, broken down in weekly videos and sharing my top wins, my low points and all the key takeaways I learn along the way, all for the price of a cup of coffee. Join along with me to learn innovate tips, tricks and in real time strategies to grow a business.  

90 Days of Clubhouse...

I gave myself 90 days to test drive Clubhouse and just about 1/3 of the way there I have landed a book deal, gotten featured on podcasts, all while finding celebrity and high ticket CEO clients and partnerships. Now I'm documenting everything as I go so you can learn HOW too!

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Grow with Brittany May

Brittany May is a digital strategist, business coach and two time business owner and serves on the executive board of a third. All of which she does on part time hours while raising her two beautiful daughters in Germany. She is a business minimalist and believes in implementing smarter solutions to grow and scale our businesses without sacrificing our quality time. She loves working smarter, not harder to hit our goals, make a larger impact and lead a Simply Happy Life.