The One Business Template You Need to Organize Your Systems, Manage Your Team and Projects Effortlessly

If you want to run your business as efficiently as possible while having all your need to know information while also being able to check the progress of vital projects at a glance then watch the video below...


This business Trello template will help you finally get those backend systems in order. One simple template that will save you hours of wasted time digging for those files, links and pertinent information you can never seem to locate. Help you organize and implement your ideas into action and ensure you always have a thumb on the pulse of your projects and team. Have the bandwidth you need to focus on the true core of your business. I'm all about making things simple. 

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Plug and Play Systems Template

From making sure your brand stays consistent across all messaging to tracking key projects for your team. Ensure that everyone has easy access to everything they need to get their job done. This template will have all the vital links, information and necessary details at your finger tips in a simple, organized and effective way. Allowing you the freedom to manage your business, lead your team and focus on the true core of your mission.

Run Your Business As Efficiently As Possible

Stop digging in your digital files for that one graphic or scrambling for the right link every time you respond to a customer inquiry. It's time to clean up your business backend. And I'm here to help you make it simple. This plug and play template will have you up and running in a day. 

Streamline Processes

No matter if you're running the show solo or you have an entire team to support you, it's important to streamline your processes to reduce overhead, limit errors and ensure consistency through out your business for better results.

Grows With You

This Trello template grows with you and your business. A plug and play system that you can update and tweak as you progress, add new team members and areas you can grow into as you expand your business.

Get Your Business Organized

Tired of digging through email chains, or constantly losing important instructions or information? Let me save you the giant headache of trying to get your business organized. This template is as simple as it gets to streamline your information, team and projects all in one place! Just plug and play, so you can get back to focusing on where you thrive and leading your business to success. 

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Who is Brittany May?


As a two time business owner and on the executive board of a third, a mother of two little girls and a military wife; time is my most valuable asset. And family is my main priority, but I wasn't willing to throw in the towel on my passions in order to have it. So, what's a girl to do?

I embraced the art of working smarter to achieve my goals. I realized I could have a profitable business without sacrificing my schedule. That’s when I founded Simply Happy Life. My mission is to help other entrepreneurs set up SMARTER systems to keep their businesses running smoothly in less time! It's all about financial and schedule freedom.

No more giving up your career to raise a family. Or sacrificing your treasured family time to be successful.

I'm here to help you get both.