When you start to leverage your knowledge instead of your time...

You open yourself up to a world of new opportunities and freedom. This training will walk you through not only the WHY you need to do this in your business, but the step-by-step HOW. Learn to step into your role as the visionary of your business and grow your revenue in less time.

Time is Money Training


Instant Access

  • Five workshops
  • Complete Workbook
  • Easy to follow along
  • Implement as you go


  • You feel like you are 'busy' every day but don't have much to show for it
  • You feel tied to your schedule and put way too many hours into your business
  • Taking a week or a month off feels like it could never be a possibility for you
  • You're tired of doing #allthethings and not getting the results you want
  • You have a drive to do more in your business but you feel stuck in the day to day
  • You're ready to grow your business and get better results by working less but SMARTER
  • You are ready to reclaim your family time without sacrificing your revenue

Money Mapping

Go through an exercise to uncover where you're losing money in your business and where there is opportunity for easily making more.

Smarter Systems

Learn the process of how to identify what needs a system and how to start creating your own today, even if you don't have a team.

Math Breakdown

I'm a numbers girl. Because numbers don't lie. So we are hitting the books and showing you the math behind these effective scaling strategies.

CEO Mindset

Embrace your CEO role and understand the power of your zone of genius. This training will help you identify where you need to focus and what you need to let go of.

Hey, I'm Brittany!

I founded my first company when I 20 years old, all I had to start was a sewing machine I got for my seventh birthday and a fierce determination. That drive carried me through to showing at fashion weeks and running a 7-figure business all before I could legally drink.

However, it wasn't until I became a Mom that I started to realize the value of MY TIME. That was when everything changed for me. I no longer thought working around the clock was acceptable. I wanted to financially provide for my family BUT I wanted to spend my hours with them too.

That was when I became OBSESSED with creating smarter systems to automate my business, save time and keep on humming. Now I help other CEO's, high-achievers and entrepreneurs get their schedule freedom back, because that is what a Simply Happy Life is all about.




Bea J

“So I've set my Instagram on auto pilot and already got 100 new followers, lots of lovely connections, 4 potential collabs, 1 beta tester for my guide (in exchange for an honest review) Recommendations to other mum friends ”

Ehrica D.

“Thank you for doing this. I'm on year three of blogging and trying to do all the things. It's not working and I'm getting burned out. I feel refreshed with a new razor focused vision”

Your Time is Valuable.

Part of the joy of running your own business is the freedom, right? But now you have found yourself tied to your calendar and putting in extra hours for little pay off. Let's get you off that hamster wheel. If you're ready to take back control of your schedule and get better results in your business in fewer hours this is the perfect training to get you started.