Learn to lay the right systems to automate sales, grow your business and do the heavy lifting for you; so that you can focus on the aspects you're passionate about.

Simple and Effective

Marketing shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I designed a simple and engaging learning experience to streamline and automate your processes and sales funnels so you can get back to doing what you enjoy!

Learn Together

With our exclusive member community, the answer to any question you have throughout your journey is only one post away. We're here for you! Network, get feedback and get the support you need.

Phase One

Learn how to hone in on your ideal client, your messaging and the art of packaging a desirable offer.

Phase Two

Take everything you learned and tested in Phase one to build out one power pipeline of automated sales. 

Phase Three

Learn how to obtain and leverage free leads to fuel your sales funnel without having to grow an audience.

It's Not Easy. But it Can Be Simple.

Following Your Passion


So many entrepreneurs dive into business because they are so passionate about what they do. The only problem is they have no idea how to run a business. All the marketing, the sales, the packaging, the pricing, the systems- it can be overwhelming! And before you know it you no longer have time to do what you love because you're so caught up in all the systems behind it.

I know, because this happened to me in my first business. I was passionate about designing, but when I grew my business and was running six stores I no longer had time to even do it. Luckily for me, I discovered the deep love of streamlining, automating, and creating smarter systems through this experience and now I help other entrepreneurs not have to go through the same thing.


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Trish Y.

Before I took Brittany's course my social media made me feel overwhelmed and frustrated! Brittany was always positive and encouraging and made things really simple and easy to follow! I felt each section offered value. Realizing that once I put the work in to structure, I could free up more time to focus on Coaching. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to free up their time in order to do more of what they love!

Terri H.

I learned a lot about different programs/apps to make things easier and Canva! I tried using it once before and didn’t like it, but this really explained it well! I really appreciated Brittany's willingness to be available, to ask questions and for her engaging us with questions and feedback!

Elise R.

Thank you! I sincerely appreciate the time Brittany took to create this and for providing such a great resource! I truly learned a lot from her tutorials.This course was amazing and I used some of the methodology for my reach in other mediums. Brittany is amazing and I am truly appreciative! Thank you! Thank you!

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