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Scaling Made Simple.

It's all about working smarter, not harder, to achieve your goals. All too often business owners are wasting time getting caught up in doing the wrong things. Learn how to build a profitable business by focusing on the key profit producing tasks that matter. Then you will be able to do less and achieve MORE. Ready to make scaling simple? Learn ...

Ditch the Hustle Mentality

The one major mindset shift you have to make in order to gain financial and schedule freedom. Without this you'll be stuck trading hours for dollars.

How to Become Profit Focused

The one key thing you need to do to move from spinning your wheels and burnt out to productive and profitable. This little tweak will make a huge impact.

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm

The 3 biggest mistakes busy mom entrepreneurs are making that lead to overwhelm and poor results; and exactly what you should do instead!

Scale a Business Even While Juggling Motherhood

Whether you are burnt out trying to juggle raising a family while simply keeping your business afloat, or you're overwhelmed with the never ending to do's... this is the breakthrough you've been needing. You fantasize about having more time with your loved ones, while running a business that not only pays the bills, but is wildly successful. One you are fiercely passionate about and fills you up each day. One that gives you more time with your family and financial freedom. Join me to learn how to grow and scale your business without sacrificing your quality family time.

Your Host Brittany May...

There are so many women who have sacrificed their dreams to raise a family or sacrificed their treasured family time to be successful in their career. I am here to show you how you can have both.

I have guided so many women through building and scaling their business born from their passion. From start ups to seasoned entrepreneurs, I help guide them to lay the proper foundation and create smarter systems which allow for uncapped growth without the huge time commitment. Businesses are made successful by doing the right strategic and calculated moves, not by spending countless hours being "busy". Let me teach you a simpler way.

I was running my first seven-figure business by the age of 20, but it wasn't until I became a mom that I started to value my time. The fact of the matter is Moms can't (and read shouldn't) use the same business strategies as everyone else. So now, I am obsessed with growing and scaling businesses in the quickest and most efficient way possible- so you are free to be present with your kids and not sacrifice your quality family time. I'm here to teach you that you can not only have a successful business but one that doesn't forfeit your schedule freedom.

I Will Show You How To...

  • Get rid of the "busy" work that is eating up your time, taking over your schedule (and not producing results)
  • Share the mindset you need to have in order to be successful in business and ditch the hustle mentality
  • Set your business up in a strategic way that lets you scale effortlessly
  • Put an end to the tug of war between motherhood and business once and for all. Say good-bye to overwhelm and the mom guilt!

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