Set Your Social Media on Autopilot

It's time to get off the content creation wheel and start working smarter. Learn how to automate your social media so you can leverage it to grow your reach, impact and serve your audience value, all while taking back your time!

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Perfect Your Messaging

Learn how to create and curate the perfect on-brand messages and posts packed with a punch for your audience. No more humming and hahing on what to post.

Increase Your Impact

When you and your team aren't being bogged down by what to post, you'll be free to engage, go LIVE and actually interact and connect more with your potential clients and customers.

Automation Freedom

No more 3pm panic when you forgot to post something for the day. When your social media is on autopilot you can focus on serving and doing what you love- not trying to decipher hashtags.

Build A Successful Online Business Without The Busy Work

So Many gurus are out there saying you need to build an audience first and just pound them with free value before ever even whispering about selling. Around here we believe in putting profit first- which means we're not about the busy work. That's why this course will walk you through step by step how to show up, provide killer value for your audience, ask for that sale AND automate the entire thing. So you can get back to what's actually important. Connecting, engaging and actually serving those customers. 

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If You're Tired of Your Day Being Eaten Up by Social Media...

We believe in making business simple. And the truth is a lot of entrepreneurs are making it way harder and way more overwhelming than it needs to be. 

Setting my first businesses social media on autopilot was like a fresh of breath air. It allowed me to refocus on the tasks and projects that were not only bringing in the money but that I actually enjoyed it.  My business grew. And more importantly- I was no longer stressing about what to post every day!

I had to share this with my other business owner friends that were stuck on that content creation wheel too. That's when I created my very first course and launched it with 50 beta testers! The rest is history. 'Simply Happy Life' was born. And now after 3.5 years from the first launch, we are pulling The Set Your Social Media on Autopilot Course from our program and selling it to the public again. But revamped and more efficient than ever! 

Get Off The Content Creation Wheel Today...

Ready to free yourself from being tied to your phone. It's time to stop fretting over what to post and when. Start showing up on social media better than ever before and never have to worry about forgetting ever again. By fine tuning your message, learning what killer content to provide and setting it all on autopilot you'll expand your reach, grow your impact and free your schedule.

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What Previous Students Had to Say...

Trish M.

“Before I took Brittany's course my social media made me feel overwhelmed and frustrated! Brittany made things really simple and easy to follow! I felt each section offered value. Realizing that once I put the work in to structure, I could free up more time to focus on Coaching. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to free up their time in order to do more of what they love!”

Terri H.

“Before I took Set Your Social Media on Autopilot Course, my social media management made me feel disorganized. My biggest 'aha' moment was figuring out how to batch images via Canva to save on time as well the difference between curating and creating content. I learned a lot about different programs/apps to make things easier and Canva!”